Masterclass Customer Centric Leadership

Most organisations have customer centricity, customer experience and service excellence on the agenda. All kinds of tools like customer journey mapping, Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction surveys are being used to turn customers into fans. Nevertheless, few companies manage to become truly customer centric. This reason is they tend to forget one crucial aspect: culture. And if you say culture, you say leadership. In the masterclass customer centric leadership, managers will learn how to build and maintain a customer centric culture in their organisation.

Transformation towards a customer centric organisation

A transformation of an organisation can only be achieved in one of two ways. The first way is through a change of leaders. The company appoints a new management team who will guide the company towards the new future. The second way is through a change in leaders. The current leaders will have to think, act and be different in order to allow a change in the organisation to take place. Anyway, the transformation to a customer-oriented organisation starts with leaders. In the masterclass customer centric leadership we focus on the second way. This program will provide a personal transformation among the participants, enabling them to initiate a transformation in the organisation.


The basis of the program is formed by the principles of customer centric leadership from the book by Sydney Brouwer. The program is drawn up in a similar way to the book and consists of two parts:

1. Personal principles of customer centric leadership;

2. Organisational principles of customer centric leadership.

Personal principles

Part 1 is about the personal principles of customer centric leadership and therefore focuses on the leader himself. What is his way of thinking and doing? How does she inspire others? Which form of leadership is needed to achieve the results in the organisation that they want? In this part of the program, participants will experience who they have to be to build the culture they envision.

Organisational principles

The second part of the program focuses on the organisational principles. Participants learn what they need to initiate in the organisation to ensure that the culture grows stronger every day. Who are we the right people who fit the culture of our company and how do we find them? What is needed to ensure that everyone pays attention every day to the most important thing in an organisation: the customer? What do you need to measure to really make the difference?

The master class continues where the book ends.

The program will be concluded by each leader with a personal project that will lay the foundation for a service excellence culture in his company.

Who are the ideal participants for this masterclass?

The masterclass is suitable for anyone with a leading position or ambition. The profile of the participants is generally senior management of medium-sized and large organisations from the commercial sector. Managers from middle management and managers from the government or non-profit institutions also appreciate the masterclass. The expected number of participants is about 15 people.

Who are the facilitators?

Sydney Brouwer and Morgan Thomas will facilitate the masterclass. Sydney Brouwer is much in demand as speaker and founder of the philosophy of Customer Centric Leadership. He also wrote the book on the topic.

Morgan Thomas has been active in leadership and culture change for 25 years. He has built a solid track record in working with large organisations at home and abroad. Morgan is originally from South Africa.

Suggested location

The masterclass customer centric leadership is organised twice per year in cooperation with one of the best and most famous hotels in Amsterdam: Pulitzer Amsterdam. During the masterclass will be immersed completely for two days in the culture of the 5-star hotel. They will experience first hand what the effect of a culture like this is.

Although this masterclass can be given in house, following this masterclass in Pulitzer Amsterdam adds tremendous value to the participants.

It is possible to organise this masterclass exclusively for managers of one company. Contact Sydney through the contact form below or via to discuss the possibilities.

A sample of the companies Sydney worked for:

  • Erik Wiechers

    Erik Wiechers (CEO DTG)

    "If you are looking for a great speaker on customer centric leadership: call Sydney! He truly inspired our management team."

  • Remco Rovers

    Remco Rovers (Partner 12mprove)

    "When you need inspiration from your customers perspective, call Sydney. He will take you, your management en your employees on a customer journey you won't easily forget. And in the end your customers will benefit and that's what you want isn't it?"

  • Christophe Lembregts

    Christophe Lembregts (Rotterdam School of Management)

    “Sydney convinced me that he is one of the most interesting speakers on customer experience management in the Netherlands.”

  • Mandy Phoa

    Mandy Phoa (Mei An)

    "Sydney is a very energetic and passionate speaker. He knows how to captivate the audience and to convey his important message in a funny and pleasant way. He uses beautiful and lively anecdotes, so you stay engaged the entire presentation."

  • Marcel Veltrop

    Marcel Veltrop (Head of Corporate Clients, Rabobank)

    "With his enthusiasm, interaction with the audience and appealing examples, he has stimulated everyone - in line with our objective - to translate the topic to their own organisations. Compliments!"

  • Participant

    Participant (Multichannel Conference)

    "One of the few presentations where everyone was smiling and was inspired when they left the room!"