Keynote: The customer of the future

How will the future of your business look like? What technologies will disrupt current business models? How do we stay relevant to our customers in the years to come? With the rate of change in our modern day society, it is hard to answers these questions. One tthing is certain though: there will be customers in the future and they will want to be served. In this keynote Sydney Brouwer will show you a glimpse of how the customer of the future wants to be served.

It’s not the what, it’s the how.

Customers are humans beings and human beings have certain needs and wants. In this keynote Sydney will show you that what customers want is not changing. It’s the how that is changing. How can new technologies help you serve your customers better, faster, easier and triggering more emotions while doing it.

The best predictor for the future

A lot of companies don’t realise that the customer of the future is already here. Generation Z will be the biggest and most important generation for businesses by 2020. Even more important: the behaviour of Gen Z is a predictor of how the older generations will behave in a few years. Businesses should pay close attention to this generation. They are the customer of the future that are already here and they will determine if your company will be successful in the future.

Key takeaways

  1. How you serve your customers will determine if you will be successful in the future. What are the needs and wants of the customer of the future that need to be recognized and met to turn them into fans?
  2. Pay attention to the trends you see within generations. What does it take to make a typical Gen Z’er a loyal customer?
  3. The human factor will still be the most important factor for customers in the future. How can you use this human factor to beat technology?

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A sample of the companies Sydney worked for:

  • Erik Wiechers

    Erik Wiechers (CEO DTG)

    "If you are looking for a great speaker on customer centric leadership: call Sydney! He truly inspired our management team."

  • Remco Rovers

    Remco Rovers (Partner 12mprove)

    "When you need inspiration from your customers perspective, call Sydney. He will take you, your management en your employees on a customer journey you won't easily forget. And in the end your customers will benefit and that's what you want isn't it?"

  • Christophe Lembregts

    Christophe Lembregts (Rotterdam School of Management)

    “Sydney convinced me that he is one of the most interesting speakers on customer experience management in the Netherlands.”

  • Mandy Phoa

    Mandy Phoa (Mei An)

    "Sydney is a very energetic and passionate speaker. He knows how to captivate the audience and to convey his important message in a funny and pleasant way. He uses beautiful and lively anecdotes, so you stay engaged the entire presentation."

  • Marcel Veltrop

    Marcel Veltrop (Head of Corporate Clients, Rabobank)

    "With his enthusiasm, interaction with the audience and appealing examples, he has stimulated everyone - in line with our objective - to translate the topic to their own organisations. Compliments!"

  • Participant

    Participant (Multichannel Conference)

    "One of the few presentations where everyone was smiling and was inspired when they left the room!"