Keynote Customer-Centric Leadership

Most companies recognise that customer experience is the #1 differentiator in today’s competitive market place. Tools as customer journey mapping, Net Promoter System and customer satisfaction surveys are used to improve the customer experience. Although these tools are really helpful, companies tend to forget one major factor in building a truly customer-centric organisation: leadership.

Sydney Brouwer has researched companies that excel in creating great customer experiences and their leaders. He found eight principles that leaders of those companies have in common. Those principes enable leaders to build cultures that turn employees and customers into fans. Sydney wrote the book “Klantgericht Leiderschap” (customer centric leadership in Dutch) on those principles. The book became a #1 bestseller in the Netherlands.

Principles of customer centric leadership

In this keynote Sydney shares the principles and substantiates them with examples from companies everyone knows and some companies you never heard of. This high energy keynote makes sure participants leave the room with concrete action steps they can use to build a customer-centric culture themselves.

The principles of customer-centric leadership are divided in two categories: personal principles and organisational principles. The personal principles focus on the leader him/herself. What is the common belief of customer-centric leaders? Why do they do what they do? How should they behave?

The organisational principles guide managers in what they should be doing in their organisation. How to hire the right people? How to measure what matters? What systems you can use to keep everyone focussed on the customer everyday.

Key insights

Key insights of this keynote are:

  1. How leaders build or completely destroy a customer centric culture;
  2. How to be an icon for customer centricity and inspire others to do the same;
  3. What true leadership is about and it is not what you think.

Sydney inspires companies to be great to work at and fun to buy from. This keynote lays the foundation for that: a customer-centric management team.

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A sample of the companies Sydney worked for:

  • Erik Wiechers

    Erik Wiechers (CEO DTG)

    "If you are looking for a great speaker on customer centric leadership: call Sydney! He truly inspired our management team."

  • Remco Rovers

    Remco Rovers (Partner 12mprove)

    "When you need inspiration from your customers perspective, call Sydney. He will take you, your management en your employees on a customer journey you won't easily forget. And in the end your customers will benefit and that's what you want isn't it?"

  • Christophe Lembregts

    Christophe Lembregts (Rotterdam School of Management)

    “Sydney convinced me that he is one of the most interesting speakers on customer experience management in the Netherlands.”

  • Mandy Phoa

    Mandy Phoa (Mei An)

    "Sydney is a very energetic and passionate speaker. He knows how to captivate the audience and to convey his important message in a funny and pleasant way. He uses beautiful and lively anecdotes, so you stay engaged the entire presentation."

  • Marcel Veltrop

    Marcel Veltrop (Head of Corporate Clients, Rabobank)

    "With his enthusiasm, interaction with the audience and appealing examples, he has stimulated everyone - in line with our objective - to translate the topic to their own organisations. Compliments!"

  • Participant

    Participant (Multichannel Conference)

    "One of the few presentations where everyone was smiling and was inspired when they left the room!"