About Sydney Brouwer

Hi! I’m Sydney. Thank you for your interest in who I am. So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I inspire organisations to turn customers and employees into fans. I do this as a speaker, author and podcaster.

Companies that are great to work at and fun to buy from

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been fascinated by companies that are great to work at and fun to buy from. I remember when I was about on vacation in the USA. There I heard great things about this company you might know. It’s called Disney. They were doing a great job on customer service and customer experience. Everyone was raving about them and I wanted to know why. So I went to a Barnes and Nobles and found a book about the company: Be Our Guest That was the first management book I ever bought. From that moment my fascination grew and grew.


In my mid-twenties I decided to research companies that consistently turn employees and customers into fans. I wanted to know how they did this. So I started visiting these companies, talking to employees and customers, taking internships and interviewing their leaders. When I found out that I could combine sharing the outcomes of this research with my passion for being on stage and public speaking, I was sold. That became my business.

The topics I speak about are customer centric culture, customer centric leadership, and generation Y & Z and what to do to make these generations fans of your company as well.

Bringing Humanity Back to Business

I believe that over the past decades organisations have focussed too much on targets, percentages, processes, KPIs and numbers. They have lost sight of the human aspect in their relationship with customers and employees. I also believe that organisations who succeed in bringing this human aspect back, will be the champions of the next decades. Therefore my mission is: Bringing Humanity back to Business.

Things you didn’t know about me

A reason you could be reading this page is because you are a chairman/woman on one of the events I speak at. So to make it easy for you, a few fun facts below:

  1. I was born precisely in the middle of the Millennial Generation: july 1987.
  2. I live on IJburg, on of the outskirts of Amsterdam. This part of the city consists completely of artificial islands. 20 years ago, it was all just water. Now about 20.000 people live there.
  3. I have a cat called Guus. He has an identity crisis going on. He fetches toys I throw and keeps following me everywhere I go. I think he used to be a golden retriever in a past life.
  4. I’m an improv player. Making something out of nothing on stage and make people laugh at the same time is one of the best experiences you can have.
  5. I don’t like bosses, except for The Boss. I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan. I’ve been to several of his concerts and I can sing along with his complete repertoire. Being a Springsteen fan is genetically determined in my family. My mother and sister also have those genes.


A sample of the companies Sydney worked for:

  • Erik Wiechers

    Erik Wiechers (CEO DTG)

    "If you are looking for a great speaker on customer centric leadership: call Sydney! He truly inspired our management team."

  • Remco Rovers

    Remco Rovers (Partner 12mprove)

    "When you need inspiration from your customers perspective, call Sydney. He will take you, your management en your employees on a customer journey you won't easily forget. And in the end your customers will benefit and that's what you want isn't it?"

  • Christophe Lembregts

    Christophe Lembregts (Rotterdam School of Management)

    “Sydney convinced me that he is one of the most interesting speakers on customer experience management in the Netherlands.”

  • Mandy Phoa

    Mandy Phoa (Mei An)

    "Sydney is a very energetic and passionate speaker. He knows how to captivate the audience and to convey his important message in a funny and pleasant way. He uses beautiful and lively anecdotes, so you stay engaged the entire presentation."

  • Marcel Veltrop

    Marcel Veltrop (Head of Corporate Clients, Rabobank)

    "With his enthusiasm, interaction with the audience and appealing examples, he has stimulated everyone - in line with our objective - to translate the topic to their own organisations. Compliments!"

  • Participant

    Participant (Multichannel Conference)

    "One of the few presentations where everyone was smiling and was inspired when they left the room!"